Interested in transporting fragile and valuable cells around campus or shipping them around the world - then keep on reading, because that is exactly why we developed a portable CO2 incubator. In this section you will find more information on the fields of application. We will continuously update this section as we discover new applications for the Cellbox™. In case you have any suggestions or could imagine any other applications.
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• Lab-on-a Chip
• Organ-on-a-Chip
• On-site/In-the-field experiments
• Cell Toxicity Tests
• Microfluidics

• Cell Bank
• Cryo Banks

• Primary Cell Cultures
• Stem Cells

• Tissue Engineering
• 3D-Bioprinting

Cellbox™ User Reports

Get a quick overview of why they chose Cellbox™, what was shipped, and how their cells/tissues performed before and after shipment. If you're working with similar materials or facing similar challenges, these reports will give you a better idea of how Cellbox™ can benefit your work. Looking to avoid the freeze-thaw cycle? Let's show you how!


Zero Gravity - Maximum (Cell) Quality

Our Colleagues had the honor to not only transport patient derived colon cancer organoids from HUB Organoids across Europe, but also participating on the European Space Agency - ESA 83rd Parabolic Flight Campaign with Novespace for microgravity research #TumorsInSpace lead by Principal Investigator Tricia L. Larose. Funded by European Space Agency - ESA with the support of Norwegian Space Agency.

Thank you Tricia L. Larose. for your continuous support and trust in our technology!

Our Cellbox™ Shipper has successfully delivered optimal lab-standard incubation conditions (37°C and 5% CO2) - providing Maximum Quality at Zero Gravity!



Do your iPSC’s or iPSC-derived cells need to get around? Would you like to transport them over the campus, to another city or even another country? Are you facing unacceptable losses in quality when receiving cells from a collaborating working group, manufacturer or other scientific partner? Meet your solution – The Cellbox™ portable CO2 incubator. Specially developed for the transport of sensitive cells and cell cultures, the Cellbox is ideal for iPSC-derived cells, such as sensory neurons, microglia and cardiomyocytes.

Cellbox IPSC

Life Science workflows and -research demand high reproducibility and consistent results. Don’t settle for losses in cell quality, cell viability and valuable time introduced by freeze-thaw cycles that are a routine part of cryogenic-shipping. Transport your iPSC’s and iPSC-derived cells under laboratory conditions, in the Cellbox™, and avoid unwanted changes in metabolism, gene expression and protein profiles. Validated and trusted by our users, the Cellbox™ will prevent unintended differentiation steps and maintain the physiological functions of the iPSC and iPSC-derived cells during every journey.
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Would you like to receive cells and cell cultures for biobanking and long-term cell storage? Do you face challenges when thawing and recovering material from biobanks?

The Cellbox™ allows sending and receiving fresh cells and cell cultures under tightly regulated and well documented incubation conditions. As a biobank you can benefit from receiving fresh material and performing the cryopreservation in-house. Recipients can benefit from the Cellbox™ by receiving thawed and recovered cells from a biobank, ready-to-use.

Biobanks play a central role in biotech and life science research by safeguarding and preserving biological material for the future. The quality and viability of the material following storage are however highly dependent on the cryopreservation protocol and eventual thawing procedure. Variation in the cryopreservation pipeline can be avoided, by receiving cells fresh and performing all processing and documentation steps in-house. Cells can be thawed, many years later, recovered and delivered in a fresh and documented fashion to the end-user.
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Your product is cell-based and needs to be shipped in a ready-to-use format? You would like to seed your Lab-on-a-Chip or Tissue-on-a-Chip products with cells before shipping them? You would like to send or receive ready-to-use microfluidic chip systems? Meet your solution – The Cellbox™ portable CO2 incubator. The ideal alternative when cryopreservation and cryogenic-shipping is not possible. Simply seed microfluidic chips with living cells and ship them under laboratory conditions in the Cellbox™. Organ-on-a-chip technologies are quickly gaining traction as an alternative to animal testing.

The benefits are obvious, because these systems offer an in-vitro testing environment that closely mimics in vivo physiological conditions. The higher complexity of these systems however results in no to low compatibility with cryogenic preservation and temperature-controlled shipping. Break down these geographical barriers and ship your microfluidic chip systems worldwide in the Cellbox™.
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