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Cellbox Solutions is a young technology company situated in Northern Germany that focuses on innovative logistic solutions for the global BioMed industry. The product, a portable CO2 incubator provides a safe environment for the transport of living cells and biological structures under laboratory conditions. The initial idea to develop a portable CO2 incubator was born at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology (EMB) in Lübeck. Back then, the scientists were facing a well-known challenge: they had to transport slices of cardiomyocytes and were in need of a suitable transport device that would allow them to ship the cells under optimal conditions, e.g. at 37° and 5% CO2. A few years went by before Prof. Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer joined the Fraunhofer EMB and quickly realised the potential impact that such an incubator could have on

global cell logistics. A team of dedicated engineers and biologists was assembled and a new development project was created; from idea to marketable product – Cellbox® . Within 18 months the first prototype of the Cellbox® was developed and ready for intensive trials. Today, the focus is on our Cellbox customers. We aim to find solutions to each and every cell transport challenge. We put strong emphasis on honest feedback, to continuously improve and provide the best customer experience possible. The development and assembly of our products were carried out in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer EMB and financially supported by the European Union – European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Federal Government and Land Schleswig-Holstein.



Original Fraunhofer EMB incubator

A portable CO2 incubator was invented

The first model was developed by scientists at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology in Lübeck, Germany, thereby demonstrating the feasibility of a portable CO2 incubator.


Cellbox drawing in patent application

Patent for a portable incubator with a refillable CO2 supply

The first model of the portable CO2 incubator was equipped with a refillable CO2 cartridge and deemed to be the first invention of its kind.


Cellbox logo with nine cells

Cellbox Solutions was founded

At the end of 2016, Cellbox Solutions was founded as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology EMB. Anticipating the potential impact of the concept, Prof. Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer initiated the project to develop a market-ready product.


Rendering of Cellbox CDI

First prototype of Cellbox® flight CDI was launched

The Cellbox® flight CDI is designed to serve the increasing number of consortia, business relationships and networks operating across countries and continents that require CO2 conditioned shipping devices designed for long-haul international flights. This version of the Cellbox® uses dry ice as the CO2 source and was awarded an international flight allowance in compliance with IATA regulations.


Rendering of Cellbox CD

First prototype of Cellbox® ground CD was launched

Engineered to serve as a ground transport device on the road, by rail or by sea, the Cellbox® ground CD is equipped with a disposable CO2 cartridge and can maintain a 5% CO2 environment for up to 72 hours.


Astronaut in space

The best is yet to come

We work hard to constantly feed our innovation pipeline. Stay tuned for the launch of new Cellbox® ideas!


Kathrin Adlkofer is smiling friendly Kathrin Adlkofer is laughing lustily

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer

CEO and Founder

Hans Nagels is smiling Hans Nagels is looking up thoughtfully

Dr. Hans Nagels


Birte Przybyl is laughing lustily Birte Przybyl is raising an eyebrow

Birte Steinbach

Head of Marketing

Corné Swart is smiling friendly Corné Swart is blinking his eyes

Dr. Corné Swart

Head of Business Development

Charlotte Wernicke is smiling friendly Charlotte Wernicke holds pencil between nose and upper lip

Charlotte Wernicke

Corporate Project Manager

Robin Sieg is smiling friendly Robin Sieg is looking puzzled with glasses in his hand

Robin Sieg

Business Development Manager

Meike Wohltmann is laughing Meike Wohltmann looking puzzled.

Meike Wohltmann



02.12.2019 - 05.12.2019 - Orlando, FL, USA

Termis Americas

Meet our team at this year's Termis Americas conference in Orlando, Florida where industry experts will discuss the latest developments in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Exciting products are emerging in the clinic, while preclinical research is developing innovative approaches that exhibit substantial promise. Stop by booth #107!

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03.12.2019 - 05.12.2019 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Gene Therapy Congress

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07.12.2019 - 11.12.2019 - Washington, DC, USA

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