Frequently Asked Questions

A new product often brings questions - and we are happy to answer them. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and your cells!

Battery, Charging and Operating

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery packs inside the Cellbox 2.0 provide an uninterrupted power source for the operation of the Cellbox during transport for more than 48 hours, when packed into the polystyrene overpack & carton at a set temperature of 37°C when ambient temperature is 23°C.

  • How can I charge the box?

    The Cellbox is fitted with 4 lithium-ion battery packs (99,4Wh each), that can be charged from any wall socket that provides 100-230 V.

  • How long does it take to fully charge the box?

    Nine hours will be required to fully charge the batteries.

  • How can I charge the box during transport?

    It is essential that the battery packs of the Cellbox are fully charged before the transport of any goods. To extend battery life during transport, a car charging adapter is provided. Confirm that the car adapter is set to 20V DC and connect it to the auxiliary car power outlet.

  • Why are the green lights blinking?

    A blinking LED indicates that the Cellbox is being charged. Each of the LEDs represent a 25% charge value. When all four of the LEDs are steadily lit in green, the Cellbox is fully charged (100%). Three green-lit LEDs indicate a battery level of 75%, two of 50%

  • Can I use the Cellbox Ground 2.0 on a plane?

    Due to International Air Transport Association regulations, it is strictly forbidden to transport open CO2 cartridges within an operating Cellbox Ground in any aircraft. If you want to ship your cells by air with proper CO2 supply, have a look at our Cellbox Flight 2.0.

  • Which dangerous goods regulations apply?

    The Cellbox Flight 2.0 must follow PI967 Section II and PI954 if loaded with dry ice. The Cellbox Ground 2.0 must follow PI967 Section II. Detailed labelling instructions and guidelines are advised within the technical manual.

  • How do I activate the Energy Saving Mode?

    For the general Cellbox 1.0 user the energy saving mode should be set to auto. If not, please have a look at the technical manual of your device. The Cellbox 2.0 user does not need to worry about the power consumption, the Cellbox automatically adjusts itself according to its requirements.


  • How do I change the CO2 cartridge in the Cellbox Ground?

    To refill, open the Cellbox and gain access to the CO2 compartment by opening the circular lid to the right of the incubation chamber. Screw the disposable cartridge carefully onto the thread and replace the circular lid securely on top of the compartment. Removing the disposable cartridge may lead to rapid release of remaining CO2 which could cause a static charge as well as ice formation in and around the thread. Please wait for several minutes before reinstalling a new cartridge.

  • How do I change the dry-ice in the Cellbox Flight?

    Attention: Always handle dry ice with the appropriate personal protective equipment! Open the Cellbox and gain access to the dry-ice container by unscrewing the lid in an anti-clockwise motion. Use a small dry ice scoop or shovel to fill the container up to right below the thread for the lid. Replace the lid and tighten it in a clockwise manner.

  • How much dry-ice does the box need?

    The container is suitable for 400 – 500g of dry ice pellets. Always ensure that the maximum amount of dry ice has been used without obstructing the lid from closing securely. A completely filled container will last for approximately 32 hours and may need to be refilled, depending on the estimated transport time.

Cleaning, Storage and Service

  • How can I store the box when it is not needed?

    The Cellbox must be stored in a dust- and frost-free room. It should not be connected to an external power source during the storage. The Cellbox 2.0 should be stored within battery storage mode when not in use for several weeks. This maintains battery health and reduces battery abrasion. The storage mode can be entered through the battery menu of the device. Make sure that the device is stored in a dry place between 0°C and 40°C.

  • How do I clean the incubation chamber?

    The Cellbox must be switched off and disconnected from any power source before cleaning. The incubation chamber is made from powder-coated aluminium and can therefore be cleaned using a soft cloth and detergents (e.g. 70% ethanol).

  • How do I clean the outside of the Cellbox?

    Use a soft cloth to wipe the outside of the Cellbox. If necessary, the outside can be cleaned with a damp towel. Do not use aggressive detergents. The top and side handles can also be cleaned with 70% ethanol.

  • Is the Cellbox water-resistant?

    The Cellbox is only resistant to small amounts of dripping water, therefore it must not be sprayed with or submerged in water.

  • Should the Cellbox be operated when any irregularity, disturbance or damage is identified?

    The Cellbox may only be operated in a good working order. In case there is any doubt, the device should be decommissioned immediately and the manufacturer contacted.


  • What is displayed on the homescreen?

    The Cellbox homescreen is activated once the Cellbox is switched on. You can set the incubation temperature and internal CO2 concentration from the homescreen. The actual temperature and CO2 values measured inside of the incubation chamber are also displayed on the homescreen. Furthermore, the homescreen allows you to monitor the remaining CO2 level and provides access to the buttons that activate and deactivate the Bluetooth, data logging features and service menu.

  • Why does the homescreen switch off after one minute?

    The homescreen is automatically switched off after a minute to conserve energy, thereby extending the battery life.

  • How do I prepare the Cellbox for data export?

    Tap on the Bluetooth button on the Cellbox homescreen. The Bluetooth-sign is lit in blue if active. Open the Cellbox app and connect your iOS or android device using the App function. The Cellbox flight CD and ground CD can only be used with the Cellbox 1.0 – App. The Cellbox Flight & Ground 2.0 should only be used with the Cellbox 2.0 App. Read our App manuals for full explanations on how to connect, read or export measured values, events or the audit trail.