A pleasure to meet you!

Meet our team and explore the Cellbox on following events in 2019:

Temperature Controlled Logistics, London
Jan. 29-30, 2019  
CAR-T Congress EU, London
Jan. 30-31, 2019  
SLAS Innovation and Application, Washington DC
Feb. 2-6, 2019
Bone Innovation Summit, Lübeck Feb. 13-14, 2019 
CAR-TCR Summit Europe, London Feb. 26-27, 2019 
4th German Pharm Tox Summit, Stuttgart  Feb. 26-28, 2019 GPTS Congress 2019

14th Annual Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress and Expo 2019, London
May 15-17, 2019  
ISSCR International Symposium, Stem Cells & Organoids in Development & Disease, Los Angeles June 26-29, 2019   


…. more to follow! This conference calendar is updated regularly. We look forward to meeting you.