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Interested in transporting fragile and valuable cells around campus or shipping them around the world?
We've got you covered! The Cellbox® is an innovative technology for transporting live cell cultures, tissue and other cell-based samples.

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Would you like to transport your samples over the campus, to another city or even another country? But you just don't know where to start? Don't you worry no more, our experts got you covered!
All our Business Developers are trained biologists and live cell shipping experts. They are happy to help with questions regarding packaging and shipping, as well as collecting and delivery processes.




T-flasks with cell culture medium
Diagnostic specimens, assigned to UN 3373, are human or animal materials that are being transported only for the purpose of diagnosis or investigation. Such materials include excreta, blood and its components, as well as other tissues and fluids. Diagnostic specimens do not include live infected animals.
Any packaging for biological substances must include three components:
- a primary watertight inner receptacle: the tube, vial or other container typically made of glass or rigid plastic (including the stopper, cap or other closure elements) that is in direct contact with the specimen; for liquid specimens, the primary receptacle must not contain more than 1 liter
- a secondary packaging (including cushioning and other materials) that fully encapsulates the primary receptacle
- a sturdy outer packaging for shipping or transit
Also, all shipments must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws governing packing, marking, and labeling. Clearly mark "Biological Substance, Category B" in 6mm-high text on the outer package adjacent to a properly sized UN3373 diamond-shaped marking. Package markings may be in the form of a label.
Cellbox Solutions provides you with all three packaging layers and labels, if needed.

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