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Cellbox Logistic Services

Interested in transporting fragile and valuable cells around campus or shipping them around the world?
We've got you covered! The Cellbox® is an innovative technology for transporting live cell cultures, tissue and other cell-based samples.

Every Passenger Is Welcome

We Care for You and Your Cells All the Way.

Would you like to transport your samples over the campus, to another city or even another country? But you just don't know where to start? Don't you worry no more, our experts got you covered!
All our Business Developers are trained biologists and live cell shipping experts. They are happy to help with questions regarding packaging and shipping, as well as collecting and delivery processes.


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Transporting your cells in a safe and efficient manner is the missing component in your jigsaw puzzle?
Then get in touch and learn how the Cellbox® can minimise your challenges and maximise your supply chain output.

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