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Transportable CO2 incubators

Cellbox Ground CD & Cellbox Flight CDI

To ensure the ideal conditions for any transport, we provide two device types – the Cellbox Ground CD and the Cellbox Flight CDI. These two boxes are near-identical, except for the carbon dioxide source and conditioning system – the CD uses disposable CO2 cartridges and the CDI dry-ice.

Due to international flight regulations, open gas canisters are not permitted on an aircraft. That’s why we had to find a solution for providing carbon dioxide without actually using a gas cartridge. Dry-ice naturally sublimates into gaseous CO2 – that in turn sustains the passengers in the Cellbox. The source of CO2 does however impact the operation period of the incubator.

The Cellbox Ground CD can be operated for more than 72 hours (at 5% CO2), while the Cellbox Flight CDI would need a dry ice refill after 24 hours. In addition to that, there are only two more small differences between the models: Firstly, the Cellbox Flight CDI weighs one kilogram less than the Ground CD and secondly, while both can be fitted with a GPS, only the ground variant can be tracked at all times.

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Cellbox Solutions Packaging

High-end packaging kits for cell culturing and transport

Sharing and sending Ready-to-Use cell and tissue cultures has never been this easy - we offer the highest quality plasticware and packaging solutions for both stationary and portable incubation.

Cellbox Solutions provides consumables to transport liquid cultures in leak-proof packaging with CO2 permeability. The developed kits are tailored to the needs of different applications while ensuring that you get the full benefit of using the optimal environment inside the Cellbox incubator.

All kits contain CO2 permeable solutions that ensure an optimal buffering environment for the cell media while also serving as protective layers to the cells and tissues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A new product often brings questions - and we are happy to answer them. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and your cells!

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery packs inside the Cellbox provide an uninterrupted power source for the operation of the Cellbox during transport for more than 24 hours (at a preset temperature of 37°C when ambient temperature is 23°C).

  • How can I charge the box and how long does it take?

    The Cellbox is fitted with 4 lithium-ion battery packs (99,4Wh each), that can be charged from any wall socket that provides 100-230 V. Nine hours will be required to fully charge the batteries.

  • Are your packaging solutions CO2 permeable?

    Yes they are.

  • What kind of packaging solutions are available?

    We offer our NANNY 24/96/384-well Kits which consist of multiwell plates, CO2 permeable seals, safety pouches and absorbent materials. In addition to that, we offer our BREATHY Kits which consist of CO2 permeable seals, safety pouches and absorbent materials to transport other primary vessels such as T-Flasks, etc.

Open Questions?

Open Questions?

Transporting your cells in a safe and efficient manner is the missing component in your jigsaw puzzle? Then get in touch and learn how the Cellbox can minimize your challenges and maximize your supply chain output.

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