What's going on in the box?!

19.10.2021 - Pirmin Fuchs

Cellbox Solutions Introduces CBS Naturally-3D Kits in Cooperation with UPM Biomedicals

Cellbox Solutions GmbH is expanding its product portfolio: The Cellbox Solutions Packaging, which enables the best-in-class transport of living cell and tissue cultures, is now joined by the CBS Naturally-3D Kit. The innovative new product contains the CBS Transport Gel and the CBS Easy Release solution.

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05.10.2021 - Pirmin Fuchs

Gisèle Deblandre joins Cellbox Solutions as CSO

Cellbox Solutions GmbH has recruited Dr. Gisèle Deblandre to the team. The well-known industry expert joins the biotechnology company as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) effective today. With her extensive knowledge in the development of manufacturing processes and analytical methods for cell-based therapies and ex-vivo gene therapies, Deblandre will be responsible for the Cell & Gene Therapy division and successfully develop this market for Cellbox Solutions.

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20.09.2021 - Pirmin Fuchs

Cellbox Solutions establishes subsidiary in the USA

Cellbox Solutions is pleased to announce the foundation of a U.S. company - Cellbox Inc.. Following the successful development and production of the Cellbox transportable CO2 incubator in 2019, as well as suitable UN3373 packaging materials for cell transport, the young company has decided to expand into the USA.

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08.09.2021 - Pirmin Fuchs

Cellbox User Report - Determining The Feasibility of Transporting Retinal Organoids and Scaffolds Using the Cellbox.

The Gamm Lab utilizes stem cell technologies to investigate the cellular and molecular events during retinal differentiation and generate cells to develop advanced disease models. Check out the feasibility of transporting retinal organoids and scaffolds using the Cellbox.

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09.08.2021 - Pirmin Fuchs

Cellbox User Report - Transporting HUMIMIC Chip2 based Blood-Brain-Barrier Model.

Organ-on-a-chip technologies provide a breakthrough in mimicking human organs on a miniature scale. The chips allow for separate cell culture, connected within a microfluidic system. Organs such as the blood brain barrier (BBB) or kidneys can be set up very similar to in vivo conditions. Have a look how TissUse used the Cellbox.

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29.07.2021 - Pirmin Fuchs

Cellbox User Report - Transporting Bioprinted Dermo-Epidermal Subsitute - Poieskin®.

Bioprinting technology involving printing of human cells and biomaterials to create a dermo-epidermal substitute that mimics the physiological skin is very promising. Poietis provides solutions leveraging a proprietary, innovative next generation bioprinting platform and tissue manufacturing skills to develop and produce bioprinted tissue for wound healing and other applications. Have a look in which project they used the Cellbox

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12.04.2021 - Pirmin Fuchs

Cellbox Solutions announces new headquarters

Cellbox Solutions is pleased to announce the opening of its new headquarters in Norderstedt, which is located nearby Hamburg, Germany. In line with our business strategy to expand our product and logistics service offerings to our customers, the new headquarters will house both the growing Research and Development department as well as the Quality Control department. The close proximity to the Hamburg airport is a clear advantage for our future growth strategy. Cellbox Solutions will continue to operate its administrative office in Hamburg.

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05.10.2020 - Pirmin Fuchs

Cellbox User Report - Transporting iPSC derived Cardiomyocytes

The user report relates the transportation of specially cultivated cardiomyocyte patches induced from stem cell cultures from Hamburg (GER) to Munich (GER) to transplant the matured cardiomyocyte patch onto the damaged section of the heart from an animal as a in vivo model.

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