Exclusive distributor for the Japanese market

Cellbox Solutions GmbH and Omicron Medical Japan are pleased to announce that Omicron Medical Japan is now the exclusive distributor of the Cellbox live cell transport incubators in Japan.

Omicron Medical Japan Corporation is a branch joint venture establishment representing products by Omicron-Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH and JLC Holdings Co., Ltd.

Omicron Medical Japan is a certified maintenance and service supplier for medical laser systems provided by OLL in Japan as well as a vendor for LEDs and industrial lasers for R&D. Headquartered in Tokyo, Omicron Medical Japan Corporation is officially licensed by the Japanese authorities to service and repair all medical products and will extend their expertise to provide local service and maintenance for Cellbox Solutions’ products.

Synonymous with quality products and excellent customer and client support, Omicron Medical Japan is an ideal partner for Cellbox Solutions and their growing customer base in Japan.

Cellbox Solutions is honoured to develop this strategic partnership with Omicron Medical Japan and to jointly bring the most innovative portable CO2 incubators, proudly made in Germany, to many new users in Japan.

Representative Director of Omicron Medical Japan: Sönke-Nils Baumann, Jun Sasaki