5 Provoking Facts About Cryopreservation

03.09.2019 - Charlotte Wernicke
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Do you want to know why we are so keen about live cell shipping? Well, have a look at the following five thought-provoking facts about cryopreservation...

1. Most living organisms don’t survive freezing. (1) During freezing, cells are damaged by what is known as cryoinjury.
2. Cryoinjury at fast cooling rates is caused by intracellular crystal formation. (1)
3. Lower cooling rates alter the osmotic potential of cells by changing the intra- and extracellular solutions. In addition to the osmotic stress, cryoinjury at lower cooling rates is also caused by mechanical damage that takes place when cells interact with external ice crystals. (1)
4. Inadequate cryopreservation may introduce variation between different batches or could even cause genetic and epigenetic modifications. (2)
5. Researchers found that cryopreservation and long-term storage affect cell viability and cause significant alterations to gene expression patterns when comparing fresh and cryopreserved PBMCs. (3)

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