Cellbox Solutions expands to Israeli market via partnership with BioGate Ltd.

Cellbox Solutions' next strategic milestone, to expand their international market presence, has been achieved: Cellbox Solutions has entered into a promising distribution partnership with the Israel-based and privately-owned BioGate Ltd.

“BioGate’s expertise in the fields of sales and marketing of life science, pharma and diagnostic products make them a valuable partner to us to meet the ever-growing demands in the Israeli market,” says Cellbox CEO, Wolfgang Kintzel. He adds, “We can see that our Cellbox generates new market interests in Israel daily. Our market entry of the Cellbox 2.0 is also well timed, particularly now, where the area of Cell & Gene Therapy is growing and having huge logistic needs under CFR21 Part11 Compliance.”

The Life Science and healthcare markets continue to grow steadily, with personalized medicine and regenerative medicine approaches becoming more frequently adopted. As a consequence, the complexity and sensitivity of biopharmaceutical products are increasing, which in turn demands higher quality requirements in the supply chain, such as GDP-certified solutions for temperature-controlled logistics.

“Adding the Cellbox to our portfolio will give our customers the opportunity to develop their logistic standards or give them the chance to transport their living cells or biological material for the first time”, adds BioGate Ltd. CEO, Shachar Dil.

BioGate Ltd. has a proven track record of experience and provides their customers with the most effective solutions, with innovative products and services. With BioGate’s assistance, Cellbox’s cutting-edge technology is now available in Israel.

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