The Cellbox Ground CD, is the first cell shipping CO2 incubator that provides lab-like incubation conditions during transport – by road, rail or sea. Our Cellbox is completely self-sufficient, because of an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (4 x 99,6 Wh) and a CO2 conditioning system that relies on disposable CO2 cartridges. The device is simple to use and the internal parameters can be programmed by the user. At standard incubation conditions of 37°C and 5% CO2 we guarantee an operating time of 24 hours at an ambient temperature of 23°C. Data logs of the internal conditions are continuously collected and can easily be exported to a smart device (iOs and Android) with Bluetooth connectivity using our Cellbox App.
Compared to shipment procedures at low to cryogenic temperatures, the Cellbox can reduce handling times by up to two thirds, thereby making it a time- and cost-efficient solution for live cell shipping!


Obstructed components

Each of them carefully chosen.


km/h Transport Speed

Ø transport speed of Cellbox Flight CDI in the air.


% Less Handling Time

Alive vs. Cryo: maximize cost-and time efficiency!



Goodbye to losses in cell viability and cell quality. Cellbox allows the shipment of your samples alive – no need to freeze, thaw and recover samples anymore!

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Daniel Faust, Tissuse GmbH

Daniel Faust – Tissuse GmbH

"Cellbox is the first product of its kind that has the capacity to meet our complex logistical demands. Cellbox provides a unique solution in terms of cell transport logistics: the possibility to incubate cells 'on the road', as it is usually done in the lab at 37°C and 5% CO2. This allows us to deliver a complete and ready-to-use assay to our customers."


Portable CO2 incubators can have a tremendous impact on the conditions of the cells which are delivered for research collaborations, drug discovery projects and other similar applications.
In situations where losses in cell viability and cell quality are completely unacceptable, the Cellbox devices guarantee shipment under optimal laboratory conditions. Moreover, every shipment can be verified, due to comprehensive and accessible data logs that provide detailed evidence of the transport conditions. Taking all of the benefits into account, it becomes relatively simple to integrate these shipping incubators into distribution and supply chains where end-to-end monitoring is of the utmost importance.

Human Stem Cells

Live cell shipping…

… the safer way to travel! Shipping cells under non-physiological conditions will influence the cells’ quality and viability. The Cellbox has been validated for use with a wide range of cell types and cell-based materials. To avoid cellular stress and unwanted changes in other cellular parameters, we recommend that cells are shipped under laboratory conditions – as they are preferentially kept during standard incubation. Click here to see examples of application fields where the Cellbox is already making a contribution.

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Transporting your cells in a safe and efficient manner is the missing component in your biopharmaceutical jigsaw puzzle? Then get in touch and learn how the Cellbox can minimize your challenges and maximize your supply chain output.

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