The Cellbox Flight 2.0, is a cell shipping CO2 incubator that has been awarded an international flight allowance. It provides lab-like incubation conditions during transport – by road, rail, sea and even air. Our Cellbox is completely self-sufficient, because of an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (4 x 99,6 Wh) and a CO2 conditioning system that relies on dry-ice sublimation. The device is simple to use and the internal parameters can be programmed by the user. At standard incubation conditions of 37°C and 5% CO2, we guarantee an operating time of 48 hours at an ambient temperature of 23°C. Data logs of the internal conditions are continuously collected and can easily be exported to an iOS smart device with Bluetooth connectivity using our Cellbox App. By providing the ideal transport conditions, the Cellbox eliminates the risk of changing the biology of cell structures and maintains the high quality of your passengers.


Assembled components

Each of them carefully chosen.


Km/h transport speed

Ø transport speed of Cellbox Flight 2.0 in the air.


% less time exposure

Alive vs. cryo: maximize cost-and time efficiency!



Loss of valuable cells due to incorrect handling and suboptimal transport conditions is now a thing of the past – ship your assays ready-to-use!

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Comparison of Cellbox 2.0 with previous Cellbox model

Cellbox Flight CDI Cellbox Flight 2.0
CO2source Dry ice sublimation Dry ice sublimation
CO2concentration (%) 0 – 18 0 – 18
Temperature range 28-38°C @ 23°C ambient temperature 28-38°C @ 23°C ambient temperature
Maintains 5% CO2environment for + 24 hours + 32 hours
Battery maintains 37°C at RT for + 24 hours + 48 hours
Data logging Cellbox App Reworked Cellbox App
Data logging interval every 5 minutes every 1 minute
CBS 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance - ✓*
Touchscreen input
Flight permit
Lid opening sensor -
Tilt -
Vibration -
Acceleration -
Ambient pressure -
Ambient temperature -
GPRS tracker On request On request
Weight (kg) 17 17
Power 100 – 240 V 100 – 240 V
Car adapter

* with surcharge

The new generation of active temperature-controlled and CO2 conditioned shipping incubators


Cellbox Flight 2.0 – The new generation of active temperature-controlled and CO2 conditioned shipping incubators.
Challenge the status quo and choose live cell shipping.

Traditionally, cells and other biological material have been stored and transported at low to cryogenic temperatures. However, there are applications where cryopreservation is incompatible or where cell recovery rates are unsatisfactory. Cellbox addresses these challenges by providing an environment where cells can be kept at user-defined incubation conditions in transit. Transit times in excess of 32 hours can be expected at an incubation temperature of 37°C and a CO2 concentration of 5%. When the shipment is handled by a specialty logistics provider, this transit period can be extended up to 48 hours and more, ensuring that your valuable cells can reach nearly any destination worldwide.

Tobias Abel – Sangamo Therapeutics France SAS

"We transported samples of CAR regulatory T cells from Nice/France to a collaboration partner in Lübeck/Germany. The cells arrived after ~36 hours of transfer in perfect condition. Cellbox allows us to transfer living samples to CROs/Collaboration partners without the need to establish a freezing process, which is especially in small scale very challenging."

Cancer cells in human body

Are you looking for a better way to transport cells?

Have you explored the possibility of live cell transport? Unwanted outcomes, such as a loss of cell viability or undesired differentiation events can be avoided by transporting under highly regulated lab-like conditions. Our Cellbox Flight 2.0 is a validated and trusted solution for shipping a wide range of cells and other cell-based material. If you are planning your next cell shipment, you are definitely in the right place. Click here to see examples of application fields where the Cellbox is already making a contribution.

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Transporting your cells in a safe and efficient manner is the missing component in your biopharmaceutical jigsaw puzzle? Then get in touch and learn how the Cellbox can minimize your challenges and maximize your supply chain output.

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