What's going on in the box?!

29.10.2019 -

Live Cell Transport – The Rising Star?

A new generation of active temperature-controlled and CO2 conditioned transport devices are challenging the existing cell shipment methods. In routine cell culture transport protocols, it is commonplace to thaw, plate and recover cryopreserved cells.

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Headquarter Barkey in Leopoldshoehe
27.09.2019 -

Going strong(er) - Series Production Start | Cellbox Solutions

Cellbox Solutions GmbH, an innovative startup that provides portable CO2 incubators, has formed a strategic partnership with Barkey GmbH & Co. KG, a company with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in the medical and laboratory technology markets.

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Astronaut with American flag
13.09.2019 -

#distributordream: Hi GenesisBPS!

Another important milestone in Cellbox Solution's strategy to build an international market presence has recently been achieved: Cellbox Solutions has entered into a promising distribution partnership with the New Jersey based healthcare solution provider GenesisBPS.

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Popart lady holding hand in front of her mouth saying OMG
03.09.2019 -

5 Provoking Facts About Cryopreservation

Do you want to know why we are so keen about live cell shipping? Well, have a look at the following five thought-provoking facts about cryopreservation...

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28.08.2019 -

Cellbox App for iOS

Have you ever wanted to know what your cells are experiencing during their journey? But unfortunately, they don’t talk to you, no matter how hard you try? With our Cellbox App it is now possible monitor the status and quality (and maybe even make some assumptions about the emotional state) of your cells.

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