#distributordream: Hi GenesisBPS!

13.09.2019 - Charlotte Wernicke
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Another important milestone in Cellbox Solution's strategy to build an international market presence has recently been achieved: Cellbox Solutions has entered into a promising distribution partnership with the New Jersey based healthcare solution provider GenesisBPS.

The Life Science and Healthcare markets continue to grow steadily and within these markets it can be seen that personalized medicine and regenerative medicine approaches are becoming more frequently adopted. As a consequence, the complexity and sensitivity of biopharmaceutical products are increasing, which in turn demands higher quality requirements in the supply chain, such as GDP-certified solutions for temperature controlled logistics.

“I am confident that Genesis’ expertise in the fields of blood collection, blood processing and cell therapy make them a valuable partner to meet the ever-growing demands in the US- Market.”, said Cellbox® CEO, Kathrin Adlkofer. She also said, “The US is not the proverbial ‘land of opportunity’ for nothing. We can see that our Cellbox® generates new market interest in the US on a daily basis. It is not suprising, because the Cellbox® is an excellent supplement to the existing technologies employed for cell transport. Our market entry is also well timed, particularly now, where new laws and regulations are being put into place to protect patients that are receiving healthcare products through end-to-end managed temperature controlled logistic supply chains.”

GenesisBPS has a proven track record of more than 35 years of experience and provides their customers with equipment that can be used in the healthcare sector for the collection, processing, storage, preparation and transport of blood, biological fluids and cell-based products: Their portfolio ranges from blood bags and tube welders to safe and reliable thawing devices. With GenesisBPS’ assistance Cellbox’s cutting-edge technology is now available all across the Americas. In addition to being our exclusive distributor, GenesisBPS will also serve as the after sales service partner in the aforementioned territories.