#distributordream: Hi Planer!

26.05.2020 - Pirmin Fuchs
Another important milestone in Cellbox Solution's strategy to build an international market presence has recently been achieved: Cellbox Solutions has entered into a promising distribution partnership in the IVF market with the UK based company Planer Ltd.

Cellbox Solutions and Planer are pleased to announce that Planer is now the worldwide* distributor of the Cellbox live cell transport incubator to the reproductive medicine market.

Planer Ltd. specializes in the control of temperature and other parameters to help customers achieve their scientific breakthroughs in biology, medicine and industry. Over the last forty-five years, Planer assisted them in managing their processes, records and data and pioneered the development and use of many controlled temperature products as well as equipment and sensors for monitoring and logging of key lab parameters.

“We are delighted that, in partnership with Cellbox Solutions GmbH, we can now market this exciting and unique product, through our well established global network of distributors, to ART customers” said Adrian Fuller, MD of Planer Ltd. “The Cellbox incubator will, without doubt, be a valuable addition to our range of existing high quality laboratory incubators, which includes the CT37stax and the BT37 benchtop incubators.”

*excluding the USA and Japan