Cellbox Solutions Introduces CBS Naturally-3D Kits in Cooperation with UPM Biomedicals

19.10.2021 - Pirmin Fuchs
Cellbox Solutions GmbH is expanding its product portfolio: The Cellbox Solutions Packaging, which enables the best-in-class transport of living cell and tissue cultures, is now joined by the CBS Naturally-3D Kit. The innovative new product contains the CBS Transport Gel and the CBS Easy Release solution.

The CBS Transport Gel is a UPM’s nanofibrillar cellulose based hydrogel that provides an artificial extracellular matrix for the cultivation of 3D cell cultures in an optimal environment. To complement the transport gel, Cellbox Solutions also offers the CBS Easy Release mixture to dissolve the hydrogel in a cell-friendly manner. Together this highly effective product combination facilitates the transport of the most complex and sensitive cell cultures with the possibility to easily recover the material post-transport.

Animal-free and reusable transport

Cellbox Solutions is not only establishing a unique transport technology for living cells. In collaboration with UPM Biomedicals, its CBS Naturally-3D Kit also provides a plant derived and animal-free shipping solution.

"The market for 3D cell cultures continues to grow strongly – as a result we are seeing that more and more of our customers are looking for special transport options," says Dr. Corné Swart, Executive Director Business Development & Global Sales at Cellbox Solutions. "Cellbox Solutions clearly recognized the need and has taken a forward-looking approach. With the CBS Naturally-3D Kit and the help of UPM Biomedicals, we are very pleased to now be able to offer our customers an environmentally friendly product designed for this exact purpose."

"Cellbox Solutions and UPM Biomedicals are establishing new standards in live cell transport and shipping through the CBS Naturally-3D kit," said Tony Kiuru, Business Development Manager at UPM Biomedicals. "We are proud of the outcome and pleased to support Cellbox Solutions in their vision."