Cellbox App for iOS

28.08.2019 - Charlotte Wernicke
Have you ever wanted to know what your cells are experiencing during their journey? But unfortunately, they don’t talk to you, no matter how hard you try? With our Cellbox App it is now possible to monitor the status and quality (and maybe even make some assumptions about the emotional state) of your cells.

Get started right now and download the Cellbox® App for free from the Apple App Store (currently only available for iOS). When that’s done, activate the Bluetooth connection on both your smart device and the Cellbox. Thanks to the impressive range of sensors and clever programming, the Cellbox is always watching – relax and rest assured that the Cellbox will collect and record all the relevant data during transport, such as the incubation temperature and the CO2 concentration.

The App was designed with ease of use in mind and you will quickly find that it is pretty intuitive to use. Simply tap on the relevant Cellbox(based on the serial number) in the display window and select the active data log – clearly marked with red text. Interested in the history? Previous logs will be listed underneath the active data log.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Then what about a graph? Tilt your smartphone horizontally and all the recorded data points will be represented as a graph for easy interpretation. In the unexpected event that incubation conditions are compromised, because of curious airport security or a customs officer – Our App will record and mark these deviations as special events.

Last but not least, a simple data export and sharing function is also available – you can easily send the complete data file (in CSV format) by mail, text message or encrypted messaging service. Once you have the file on a computer you can open and edit it in the conventional way using any compatible software.

You see – looking into the soul of your cells is no longer a dream.

P.S. The data recording feature has to be activated in the data logging window of the Cellbox touchscreen before each shipment. If you forget to do that, there will be no data to export. Just a friendly reminder from your Cellbox Solutions team.