Press Release

New Innovative Ways for Life Cell Transport

Portable CO2 Incubator to Revolutionize Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain Programs

The northern Germany based BioTech startup Cellbox Solutions is about to entry the market for cell transport: their latest innovation, a mini incubator that was developed in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology in Lübeck, allows for safe, time- and cost-efficient transportation of living biological specimens such as cell cultures, tissue and related biomaterials under laboratory conditions.

Start experiments right away

Cellbox is a self-sufficient transport incubator that adjusts temperature and gas atmosphere conditions equivalent to laboratory facilities ensuring the correct storage and maintaining of living cells and tissues. The portable incubator reduces the lead time in your logistic chain up to two-thirds: no need to freeze, thaw and regenerate samples anymore and no loss of valuable and sensitive cells due to insufficient conditions.

Send out living cell cultures safely

The negative effects of cryopreserving the specimens (e.g. use of toxic mediums) are no longer an issue: a constant temperature of e.g. 37° C and a controlled CO2 content of e.g. 5% make up for laboratory conditions. These optimized conditions reduce the risk of changing the biology of cell structure. Integrated sensors allow for continuous monitoring of the important parameters. All data is recorded and stored for later use.

Test until it’s best

The battery pack has sufficient power to enable transports up to 96 hours, is fully recharged in 10 hours and the CO2 cartridge can be refilled in seconds. Currently, Cellbox Solutions is preparing intensive field trials with cooperation partners in Academia, Pharma, BioMedTech and Logistics with special focus on vein-to-vein, cell and gene therapy as well as clinical trials. Start of production is scheduled for summer 2018.


Learn more about the Cellbox at Analytica Munich from April 10-13, 2018 and meet the team at booth 524, hall A1.